“The future is Bright: IFR, Inc. invests in a new backup generator”

Zeeland, MI – IFR, Inc. corporate entity of Integrated Fabric Resource, Holland Storage Systems , and Big Red Resource announced today:

Integrated Fabric Resource continues to invest into the future and security of its customers.   As a supplier to the Automotive and Material Handling Industry we realize how critical it is to our customers to be operationally ready at all times.    Having capabilities to meet the needs of customers is critical and the potential of a power outage is one that all organizations face.   The new Generator is designed to have seamless integration if a loss of power was to occur.   Providing our customers with the capability to avoid any business interruption is critical to us.   Along with the generator capabilities IFR, Inc. has also added redundancy in Internet and communications capabilities in a total effort to address potential issues before they happen.



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